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Dey Dey

David Gallego

9 hours, 56 minutes ago

Hi Dey Dey! Thanks for the "Whatsapp web chat template". Do you know how I would have to change your code so that when the window/screen size gets smaller, the chat (div class="col-sm-8 conversation") doesn't disappear?

Dey Dey

on 14/10/17

In big

Marcos RHS

on 9/8/17

Hi Dey Dey! I'm looking for something about tasks management, you have some template with these features. I also need a gantt chart, like this, but with the drag and drop task creation feature.

Dey Dey

on 26/6/17

Version 3 is coming. Do you have any idea for to add in this version?, please let me know. I want to improve this site

Dey Dey

on 22/6/17

Bootdey --version 3.0 coming soon