Bootdey user Rafaelll
Rafael Freire made a post. for Dey-Dey

5 days, 5 hours ago

Do the time line and chat features work?

Bootdey user ahmedanas
Ahmed Anas made a post. for Dey-Dey

2 weeks, 6 days ago

Hey. I just bought your theme. Was wondering that if you ever updated the theme or added new pages, etc, how would I get that?

Bootdey user jasminne10

on 18/2/17

Hello! I am interested in buying this template, how should I make the purchase?
Because I'm not understanding the payment on bootdey. I know you use Paypal, but the product does not appear for sale at the time I click to pay on paypal.

Bootdey user autore74

on 10/2/17

hello dey dey, I purchased your template deydey social networks. I am a beginner with no experience, and I apologize for my stupid questions. The template is not compatible with wordpress? on which the CSM can upload? thank you

Bootdey user esolutionsng

on 22/1/17

Hello @dey-dey, please I have need to purchase your bookpost design but it is not responsive on mobile. Any help?