Bootdey user esolutionsng

2 days, 14 hours ago

Hello @dey-dey, please I have need to purchase your bookpost design but it is not responsive on mobile. Any help?

Bootdey user max
max max made a post. for Dey-Dey

on 22/12/16

Hi, can I have that design for free at the moment? I really need it, it is perfect, but I do not have much money at the moment, Im just russian student. Contact me, please, via if you can help me.
Best regards,

Bootdey user muhammadasif
muhammad asif made a post. for Dey-Dey

on 5/12/16

hi i want purchase clean not i want help

Bootdey user abdhasan

on 27/11/16

i need to buy dayday design but it's not responsive on mobile
and i don't need the inner scroll
can you help me to edit it?
how much cost these requirements ?

Bootdey user hilfima
Hilfi Muhamad made a post. for Dey-Dey

on 15/11/16

your sistem about day day social media themes is low, i'm was get this source with ctrl+s, i don't know who wrong what bootday or false javascript. for a while,i use your template,because i not enaugh money for buy, contact me: +62 83820161976