Bootstrap snippet and html example. real estate search header

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Tags: real-estate

HTML code

This is the html code used to create this bootstrap snippet, You can copy and paste the following html code inside a page with bootstrap 5.2.0 included, to get the result that you can see in the preview selection

<div class="section bg-theme-color-light overlay-dark overlay-opacity-8 bg-cover lazy" data-loaded="true" style="background-image: url(;">
				<div class="container"> 

					<div class="row text-center-md text-center-xs d-middle justify-content-start">
						<div class="col-12 col-lg-6 mb-5 text-white aos-init aos-animate" data-aos="fade-in" data-aos-delay="0" data-aos-offset="0">

							<!-- main title -->
							<h1 class="display-4 fw-bold mb-0">
								<span class="d-inline-block">

									<span class="h6 fw-normal d-block text-align-end text-center-xs">
										Over 28.988 Properties

									<span class="text-danger">Bootdey</span> Real Estate
							<!-- slogan -->
							<p class="h3 fw-normal mb-0">
								Your home, one click away


						<div class="col-12 col-lg-6 text-align-end text-center-md text-center-xs aos-init aos-animate" data-aos="fade-in" data-aos-delay="50" data-aos-offset="0">

							<div class="d-inline-block bg-white shadow-primary-xs rounded p-4 p-md-5 w-100 max-w-450 text-align-start">
								<h2 class="h5 mb-5">
									<i class="fi fi-homeadvisor"></i> 
									<span class="d-inline-block px-2">Propery Search</span>

								<form novalidate="" class="bs-validate" method="get" action="#">

									<div class="clearfix mb-3">
										<label class="form-radio form-radio-secondary">
											<input type="radio" name="s_type" value="1" checked="">
											<i></i> Buy

										<label class="form-radio form-radio-secondary ml-3">
											<input type="radio" name="s_type" value="2">
											<i></i> Rent

									<div class="form-floating mb-3">
										<select required="" id="s_location" class="form-control" data-live-search="true" title="No City Selected">
											<option value="">No City Selected</option>
											<option value="1">New York City</option>
											<option value="2">Washington, DC Area</option>
											<option value="3">Miami</option>
											<option value="4">Greater Boston</option>
											<option value="5">The Hamptons</option>
											<option value="6">Los Angeles &amp; Orange County</option>
											<option value="7">Santa Barbara &amp; Montecito</option>
											<option value="8">Aspen</option>
											<option value="9">San Francisco Bay Area</option>
										<label for="s_location">Select a City</label>

									<div class="form-floating mb-3">
										<select id="s_rooms" class="form-control" title="No. of Rooms">
											<option value="1">Studio</option>
											<option value="2">2 Rooms</option>
											<option value="3">3 Rooms</option>
											<option value="4">4 Rooms</option>
											<option value="5">5+ Rooms</option>
										<label for="s_rooms">No. of Rooms</label>

									<div class="row gutters-xs">

										<div class="col-12 col-lg-6">

											<div class="form-floating mb-3">
												<select id="s_baths" class="form-control" title="Bathrooms">
													<option value="0" selected="">Any</option>
													<option value="2">2 Baths</option>
													<option value="3">3 Baths</option>
													<option value="4">4 Baths</option>
													<option value="5">5 Baths</option>
												<label for="s_baths">Bathrooms</label>


										<div class="col-12 col-lg-6">

											<div class="form-floating mb-3">
												<input placeholder="Max. Price" id="s_max_price" type="number" value="" class="form-control">
												<label for="s_max_price">Max. Price</label>



									<div class="form-floating mb-3">
										<input placeholder="Address or Zipcode" id="s_address" type="text" value="" class="form-control">
										<label for="s_address">Address or Zipcode</label>

									<button type="submit" class="btn w-100 btn-lg btn-danger bg-gradient-danger">
										<i class="fi fi-search"></i>






CSS code

This is the css code used to create this bootstrap snippet, You can copy and paste the following css code inside a page with bootstrap 5.2.0 included, to get the result that you can see in the preview selection


@media only screen and (min-width: 768px){
body:not(.layout-admin) .section, body:not(.layout-admin) section {
    padding: 100px 0;

.d-middle {
    align-items: center;
    display: flex;
    justify-content: center;

.opacity-8,.overlay-opacity-8:after {
    opacity: .8

opacity-8, .overlay-opacity-8:after {
    opacity: .8;
.overlay-dark-hover:hover:after, .overlay-dark:after {
    background: #131f43;
.overlay-dark-hover:after, .overlay-dark:after, .overlay-light-hover:after, .overlay-light:after {
    bottom: 0;
    content: "";
    height: 100%;
    left: 0;
    position: absolute;
    right: 0;
    top: 0;
    width: 100%;
    z-index: 0;

.bg-theme-color-light {
    background-color: rgba(87,79,236,.04)!important;
.bg-cover {
    background-position: 50%!important;
    background-repeat: no-repeat!important;
    background-size: cover!important;
.overlay-dark, .overlay-dark-hover, .overlay-light, .overlay-light-hover {
    position: relative;
#overlay-default, .overlay-dark, .overlay-dark-hover:after, .overlay-default, .overlay-light, .overlay-light-hover:after {
    transition: all .2s ease;
.section, section {
    position: relative;
    word-break: break-word;

.overlay-dark>*, .overlay-light>* {
    position: relative;
    z-index: 1;

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