Bootstrap framework snippet Facebook like profile cover

This bootstrap framework snippet "Facebook like profile cover" was designed to help people of all skill levels - designer or developer,
huge nerd or early beginner. copy and paste the code. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.
tags: facebook,profile,user,cover,network,social

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> <div class="container bootstrap snippet"> <div class="fb-profile"> <img align="left" class="fb-image-lg" src="" alt="Profile image example"/> <img align="left" class="fb-image-profile thumbnail" src="" alt="Profile image example"/> <div class="fb-profile-text"> <h1>Deycknston Mackency</h1> <p>Rap music rules!</p> </div> </div> </div>
body { font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; } .fb-profile img.fb-image-lg{ z-index: 0; width: 100%; margin-bottom: 10px; } .fb-image-profile { margin: -90px 10px 0px 50px; z-index: 9; width: 20%; } @media (max-width:768px) { .fb-profile-text>h1{ font-weight: 700; font-size:16px; } .fb-image-profile { margin: -45px 10px 0px 25px; z-index: 9; width: 20%; } }

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