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    Gavin Free 1 secs ago

    Hey, have you finished up with the Ladybug project?

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    Yanique Robinson 3 secs ago

    Cool. I'll see you guys then.

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    Ryan Haywood 12 mins ago

    Kevin, tomorrow is GoT night at my house. Bring your HDMI extension. Thanks.

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    Geoff Ramsey 1 hour ago

    Sales want to see you. Something about the new product.

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    Kara Mendly 5 hours ago

    Meeting next week Tuesday. Nothing serious, just bring teams work progress with you.

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    Jack Patillo 12 mins ago

    hey, what does this error mean?

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  • Yanique Robinson 9 mins ago avatar
    Hey, are you busy at the moment?
  • Kevin Mckoy 5 mins ago avatar
    Um, no actually. I've just wrapped up my last project for the day.
    Whats up?
  • Yanique Robinson 3 mins ago avatar
    Well, I wanted to find out if you have any plans for tonight.

    Barbara and I are going to this restaurant out of town.

  • Kevin Mckoy 2 mins ago avatar
    Wow that sounds great.
  • Yanique Robinson 56 secs ago avatar
    Ok! We'll swing by your office at 5.
  • Kevin Mckoy 3 secs ago avatar
    Cool. I'l see you guys then.